Sunday, 25 April 2010

The last 2 Steampunk ATCs

I had hoped to entertain you with my visit to the Embroiderers' Guild Regional Day in Dumfries yesterday but sadly my camera was left at home. It needed charging so I duely plugged it in overnight to do so and then totally forgot to add it to my handbag before leaving home. Can't remember when I last did this, but I felt quite bereft without it! My camera is sort of an extension of my brain and it was quite a shock to discover it wasn't in my bag! It was a lovely day and I collected my two ATCs in exchange for the 2 I made. They're beautiful, and thanks again to Heather King and Moira Dickson! Instead I'm showing you the last 2 Steampunk ATCs I made with the Alpha Stamps goodies. They are both quite 3 dimensional and as a consequence I had to photograph rather than scan them. I'm not really over the moon with either of the pictures but the ones shown here are the best of a quite bad bunch!!

The first one shown above was made on a background of a piece of copper sheet, found in the garage and when I asked John where it had come from it turned out to be his grandfather so definitely vintage copper!! The image I used on top comes from the Alpha Stamps Vintage Gents. I cut off the head of this particular gent and replaced it with a tiny little, but working compass. The head was put into a small copper frame (also available from Alpha Stamps). I added the image of another compass at the bottom (from the Alpha Stamps Gauges sticker sheet) and added an extra arrow as shown. The text jumped into my own head as I was making the ATC. It was done on my Dymo writer and reads: I lost my head and my moral compass.
I have to say that my own subconscience mind sometimes amazes me. Very strange thoughts are lodged there!!The final touch was the brass tape around the entire ATC and the round washers adhered with copper coloured brads. The last ATC I made was on the same fabric-paper collage as shown on previous posts with an image from the Alpha Stamps Gauges sheet in the background. On top of this I sewed a transparency from the Alpha Stamps Dancing Men sheet. I added the copper circles (using Diamond Glaze as glue) and added a pink self-adhesive heart to the centre of one of them. The text Course to steer, came from one of John's text books again. The ATC border consists of black electrical tape (another treasure from the garage) onto which I rubbed metallic copper rub-on.

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Maggi said...

Wow, these are too cool! Love the first one!

I hate when I leave my camera behind! Especially after charging it especially for wherever I'm going. lol


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