Friday, 28 May 2010

Paper & Glue Collage ATC Swap

Our teacher for the Vintage Gluebook Class has invited us to take part in an ATC Swap. You have to be in the class to participate. But as these classes are too, too much fun, what are you waiting for?
We are allowed to use additional materials in our cards but I have very much concentrated on using vintage ephemera, paper and glue. The focal point in all my cards are images of Holy Cards that I obtained from Mary Green's (our teacher!) e-shop. Strangely enough I love Holy Cards despite being not in the least bit religious and not having been raised in the Roman Catholic Church which is where the Holy Cards originated. I have a few original ones myself and love looking at them, reading the text (which is sometimes in Latin or French to make the cards even more exotic).

For the background of all my cards I've used vintage music, to which were added strips of various vintage papers, some my own, (from vintage postcards) and others provided by Mary for the use of the class participants, such as maps and endpapers from vintage books.

The final touch on all the cards are vintage postage stamps. I bought a very old and full stamp album with loads of stamps in it when I went to the Antique Fair the other day. I tried to find stamps really appropriate for the various cards keeping in mind all the advice we've had in the classes already.
Stitching was added around the edges of all the cards as I have always vowed to use at least one stitched element in everything I do and the stitching forms a great frame specially as I then echoed the gold edges that all Holy Cards tend to have, around the edges of all my ATCs using a gold inkpad to do so.
Now my ATCs look just like holy cards in their own right.

We only needed to make 6 cards for the swap but I have made a total of 8, one extra one for Mary and one for me to keep. I will probably add that one to my Moleskine journal in which I'm producing all my Vintage Gluebook class samples.


Maggi said...

These are so interesting, the candles are wonderful additions! I have a ton of vintage music sheets, I need to make some ATCs, I love them as the background!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

wonderful ATCs, Frieda. I really like how you have put these together!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

These are really beautiful - and I can tell you're concentrating on the Golden Ratio!

Even though I just adore your fabric cards, it's fun and interesting to see you take on a new and different approach!

Linda said...

these are great Frieda and I can tell you've had fun making them!


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