Sunday, 16 May 2010

Vintage Treasures

Today was mostly spend at an Antiques Fair in Edinburgh and if I tell you that I only left when I could no longer walk around carrying my treasures you will guess that I had quite a good day.

.In a rash moment I decided that I needed to sign up for a Vintage Gluebook online class! The only supplies we need are paper (i.e. vintage ephemera), scissors and glue! The house is already brimming over with paper, both modern and vintage, but of course I felt an urgent need to add to my vintage paper collection, and the Fair came up trumps.

I acquired several children's books (some to good to cut in so I will scan those images), an Household Encyclopedia in 2 volumes (no date but I'm estimating the thirties, and John is already reading the instructions about how to make a chicken house. so he's happy too!), a vintage French encyclopedia as well as a school book in French (seen in detail above) about how to count. Again I can't bring myself to cut into that either so scanning and printing will be the order of the day.

In passing I also picked up some luscious vintage lace, because I'm hosting a Vintage Lace ATC Swap on the ATCsforAll site. Not that I'm suffering from a shortage of lace either, but these were too beautiful to leave unbought! A bunch of antique (or at least very old and rusty) keys also found its way into my bag. While walking back to the car I had to stop several times to re-distribute the weight of all these books for carrying purposes but it was definitely well worth all that effort.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh frieda! i wish i could have gone with you! Looks like you had a rather wonderful day. I am thinking about your ATC swap . . . and so happy you decide to plunge in and take mary's class!!!
hugs, lenna

Helen Cowans said...

What a great haul :) I love old books. Is the fair in Edinburgh a yearly thing or more often? Can you send me details? Thanks

Georgina said...

What a fun day! I love old keys - we have quite a bundke here! Very thought provoking about the nature of hime and security, as well as thinking of the history of them!
I have an old thirties miscellany book. I love the diet and beauty section, the fortune telling, and the letter writing section - hours of fun! One of my greatest regrets in life is 'decluttering' a full set of Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedias - similarly entrancing.

Mary Green said...

You will love using that French dictionary/encyclopedia - I have one too and use it all the time.

Maggi said...

Gorgeous treasures!


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