Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Artchix Circle Card

My motivational daily tear-off calendar (from Louise Hay) this morning read: "Life is meant to be simple and easy". The moment I read this I knew it was going to be anything but today, which says a lot about me! Anyway as expected the day wasn't either simple or easy in any shape or form and I even used the word Kafka-esque to describe the situation I found myself in on the phone (speaking to a building society!!). I could hear the person on the other end taking a breath, considering whether it would be worthwhile asking and then deciding against it. Probably just as well!

As ever when I find life a grind I retreated to my art and decided to make an ATC for the Artchix Studio Lottery on Flickr. We're a group formed after the Artchix Yahoo group closed (they moved to Facebook) and we are still running the lottery with a different theme every fortnight. A winner for the last one (themed By the Seaside) was announced and the new theme is Circles. I had one background left from my Summer in Paris ATCs (previous post) so put that to good use and added the circles as shown (all from Artchix Studio collage sheets of course). I then could not resist grabbing the sparkling transparency and sticking it on. I added some free machining in turquoise around the circles, added a sparkling heart and finished the edges with turquoise zigzag stitching. Perhaps I was also sending out a message to someone, anyone: Spoil Me! as I was definitely feeling sorry for myself.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

good advice: when life takes a grind, retreat to art! i love it : ))))


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