Monday, 14 June 2010

By the river Spread

My Vintage Gluebook is becoming really lovely and thick and it's a real pleasure to add more spreads to it. In fact, I have the feeling that when this journal is full I'll be starting the next one without delay.

I'm just so pleased I discovered this Vintage Gluebook Class courtesy of my wonderful artist friend Lenna Andrews. It's been so good for me to do something that is strickly non fabric related. It's like going swimming in the deep end without safety wings. My sewing machine sometimes becomes my safety belt and learning to let go is a very healthy thing to do! I feel like I'm reaping the benefits already.

This spread is made up almost entirely of genuine vintage of which some is overprinted. The bright blue on the left comes from a vintage image sheet given us by our wonderful teacher Mary Green.


Georgina said...

I love this spread - something about it is really magical.
Now that the dreaded and beloved sampler quilt is finished I am going to treat myself to a Frieda inspired day in the studio - as I pretentiously call my 'room of her own' garden shed, in which I play paper related games!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

well, i am so tickled you found Mary's online class through me, Frieda! We took a class together even though we are miles apart, how fun is that?! I am particularly enamored with your VG pages and the way you are obviously delighting in, and continuing to create them. I have always adored your fabric art and the way you often mix fabric with paper when not doing large quilts, but there is something brave and exciting about seeing you dive into the paper & glue waters, so to speak! xo lenna

Rhondamum said...

I love all of the spreads that you have made Frieda! I like your comment about the "safety" of your sewing machine. You're too talented to need that safety. The flow of your glue book spreads are fabulous and you should be really proud of yourself!

Have I ever mentioned to you that I lived in Wales for a few months and taught at a school there? I would travel on the weekends and one of my most memorable trips was to Scotland. I was in awe as the train arrived. The beauty there is unlike anything in the world. I tell my husband all of the time that we have to take the girls there one day. xoxo R...


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