Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Campari and Orange ATCs

The colour combination for the Colour Groupies this month is also a wonderful drink which I got to know one sunny day in Sorrento, Italy many, many moons ago and which has been been a favourite ever since, both the drink and as I discovered making these ATCs the colours too.

Lenna, Debby and Caryl, my fellow Groupies, have now received their cards so I can show them here. I made them on the 7th May i.e. not recently but only mailed them off at the beginning of this month. The images and transparencies I used are all from Artchix Studio collage sheets and the backgrounds are strips of batik fabrics in the appropriate colours. Beading, decorative machine stitching and vintage texts were added to the mix. The cards are all quite different this month and as always I made one for me to keep. A romantic one, what else is new??


peggy gatto said...

I also love your new(?) background!!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

This colours together are simply delish! Of course you have chosen my favorite one for me, thank you Frieda!


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