Thursday, 19 August 2010


How do sunflowers know which way to turn their head when there is no sun in sight? They seem to know it's there up in the sky and follow it despite it not being on view. One of the miracles of nature just like the sunflowers themselves.

I have spend today solidly stitching and waiting for the mail to deliver a parcel. Sadly the delivery van has broken down so it looks like it will be tomorrow before it reaches me but the sight of the sunflowers has cheered me up nevertheless! Now for a bit of sun, and life would be perfect!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

your sunflowers are so beautiful, Frieda. Your favorite colour too! I hope they entice the sun to come out for you. Hope your stitching continues to go well too . . . hugs, lenna

Annabelle said...

Hi, saw your beautiful quilt at Sandown and no stumbled upon your blog. I am looking for inspiration for my own as I am a new crafter and quilter. Lovely stuff and so clever!


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