Monday, 23 August 2010

Wandersmann Spread

Lesson no 3 in our wonderful Collage Coterie Class was all about shapes in collage and I incorporated 2 different shapes in my spread, triangles and ovals. Everything on this spread (made in my Vintage Gluebook) is true vintage (no copies at all!). The triangles come in the shape of two cathedral spires, the one on the right from pre-war Germany and the one of the left from St. Petersburg at approx. the same time. The ladies in the ovals are the Tsarina of Russia on the right and a German empress on the left. I also added Neocolor Pastel crayons around the ladies to integrate them into their respective pages, using orange, black and white crayons and my wet fingers. Wandersmann means Wanderer, I think. I can't locate my German-English dictionary at the moment but am pretty confident about the translation.
Talking about shapes, there were some beautiful shapes to be admired in the garden we visited yesterday. On the lawn the piece de resistance was an enormous Cedar of Lebanon tree. Even the name sounds mysterious and Eastern and the tree was so impressive. Equally enormous as the tree were its cones, simply huge compared to those of the average evergreen. And an oval!! Perhaps that's what inspired the spread seen above. And the tree could be seen as a triangle.


MosaicMagpie said...

The Cedar of Lebanon tree is a real beauty. The glue book pages are interesting and I love the fact you are using the real pictures and ephemera, not copies. Thanks for pointing out the shapes involved, we are learning too.

Doreen said...

Saw your quilt at Birmingham. Beautiful soft colours and fantastic beading.


friedaquilter said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comments and so pleased you liked the quilt, Doreen! I never made it to Birmingham as my mother is here but it's great to hear such lovely feedback!


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