Thursday, 28 October 2010

Home, sweet home

Many of my quilts travel to places I've never been to and probably never will, such as Russia, Bulgaria, the Tsech Republic, and many, many others. The little piece Fluttering though Time has made it to Spain at the moment and has been shown there. You can read about it on the website of a Spanish quilting group here.

Would I have liked to be in all those places with my quilts? The answer is a resounding NO!

The mere thought of travel, airports, luggage allowance, security checks, flight delays, train journeys etc. makes me feel slightly ill, merely contemplating it all. I was lucky enough to travel a lot for my work when I was much younger, in the days when you could catch a flight leaving 1/2 hour after you arrived at the airport, when the only security check was a casual glance at your passport. Those were the days!!
But now I more or less adhere to the Dutch saying: Oost, West, thuis best, or in English: East, West, home is best! And it's at home that I'm happiest, surrounded by husband, dogs, cat, my plants and flowers and my studio. And talking about plants, this cyclamen was bought last winter, flowered its head off over Xmas and then was put aside in the greenhouse and more or less neglected over the summer. I spotted it a month or so ago, brought it inside, watered it and now look at it! I love the combination of all those strong colours of green, red and blue in this picture.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

Your cyclamen is so beautiful with the blue & white china you have paired it with. This photograph looks like it could be from a magazine shoot! I would be happy to stay at home and enjoy the company of this beautiful plant too!

donna said...

About time l left a comment on your blog,l keep reading and admiring your work..then today l came by and What a small world! l was so pleased to click on the spain link and then read a bout the quilting group here in Andalucia! they are in travelling distance! and l would so love to go to a work shop THANKYOU!!!!so much for sending your quilt to them so that l could then read about it..AND THEM.
with thanks

friedaquilter said...

Wow, Donna, sometimes I'm just amazed by how small the world really is! I'm so pleased that I've helped you find a quilting group near you! ENJOY!

Annettequilter said...

Frieda it's on weekends like this when I can't get home to West Linton that I especially love your blog. Hope all is going well for the exhibition. Hope to see you soon.

friedaquilter said...

Thanks so much, Annette. I@ll keep a look out for you when I'm in the village! And I'll make sure you'll get an invite!


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