Thursday, 27 January 2011

Another day gone

Another day, another walk and another quilt that needs quilting. Somehow I got around to it all today. At dawn it was a lovely sunny day but that did not last. By the time Rueben and I started our walk there were ominous shadows in the sky but fortunately we didn't get wet!

The colours around us were a bit subdued, and mainly consisted of green

and brown

so the day toned in very well with the quilt that I started to stitch together today. Only a glimpse but you can the resemblance colourwise.

At the top of this is the most colourful picture I took today which became the blip!


peggy gatto said...

your skill as an artist with quilting amazes me. The work involved boggles my mind!

Terri said...

Again, all the landscape photos are so beautiful. No wonder you go out as often as possible, just to see all that beauty! And speaking of beauty! Your quilt is totally gorgeous!!!

Trudi Sissons - Two Dresses Studio said...

Hi Frieda - I must tell you, visiting your blog is the next best thing to visiting Scotland - I enjoy the photos so much and am very impressed by your trek to the pub! 4.5 miles! That's a big pleased you beat the car too!


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