Sunday, 30 January 2011

Gone is that Spring feeling

After the past very springlike days it was a real shock to look out of the window this morning and see snow. Granted it wasn't a lot but it was there and what's worse it's still there as it is also bone chillingly cold!

So no long walks today, instead we walked in the large field next door and for a change I took my Canon SLR rather than my Lumix but it was a mistake in this weather. Every time I wanted to take a picture I had to take off my gloves, take the camera out of it's large bag, take off the lens cap, swith the camera on, and by that time my fingers were almost frozen already! But of course, I had to take my blip for today and fortunately the Highland cattle were kind enough to congregate into the valley near the woods in the field opposite us, so I snapped my picture and then hurried to catch up with John and also to get warm!

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arts4all said...

Take care of those precious fingers!!! Your post reminds me that old-fashioned SLR photography was more of a physical challenge than our digital cameras present.

Thanks for your comment about the art papers. It was a very messy project, but often, those are the best kind!


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