Thursday, 17 February 2011

Let's go sailing!

Today we finally managed to reach Baddingsgill Reservoir during the dog walk. It's a very steep climb although on a tarmac track so no scrambling required. On the way we passed this sad skeleton of a sheep. It must have been there before now but today it caught my eye and I climbed down towards it to get a closer view and a picture. There was a fence so this was as close as I could get. John and both dogs were with me so I resisted the temptation to climb over the fence but I'm keeping it in mind for future adventures. It must fallen on its back and been unable to roll back over. This can kill sheep in minutes and I've whipped over more fences than I can remember in order to push sheep back over on their feet. Very hard work but also very rewarding to see the sheep ambling away. This one was well past rescuing though!

It made me feel quite sad but the view of the reservoir definitely lifted the spirits again. Not just because it looked beautiful and peaceful but also because I really felt a sense of achievement having finally reached it on foot. John and I have been there before but always using a car. I discovered that the tarmac road finishes at the reservoir but there is a stony track going up even further into the hills so that is on my wishlist for future walks.
The reservoir is part of Scottish Water, which is no doubt why the road is in good condition so that their vehicles can get up there and in fact some maintenance was in progress out of view of this picture.

The presence of the reservoir also explains why there were boats about but the sailing days of the one seen above and at the top of this blog are definitely over. Nothing can save it! Steven, the husband of my very good friend Lenna, who lives in Florida, does up old boats but this would definitely tax even his skill to the limit. It's sunk deeply into the mud and in fact half of it is missing completely. It makes for a great photograph though and the picture at the very top is my blip today.


arts4all said...

Hi Frieda,

Your walk sounds wonderful, even with the sight of the sheep carcass. Did not know that they cannot right themselves if they are on their backs. You sound like a woman of purpose to plunge in and save them - good for you!! The other photos and your narrative are so enlightening. I love the wide expanse of hills and sky!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I can't wait for Steven to this this photograph you took, Frieda . . . He might even start scheming a bit!

Starfish Steve said...

A friend of mine is a boat builder on the St. Lawrence River in Ontario, CA and has rescued at least one boat in this bad a condition. He roped it into it's original shape (as best as he could determine) then "took the lines off it" (made a boat-builders plan of the shape) then made a new one.

Lenna's Steve

friedaquilter said...

Thanks so much for your comments, Steve, it's amazing to think this boat could be made sailworthy again! Perhaps someone might take it on one of these days. It's also lovely to have you comment on my blog!!

Terri said...

I wish I could walk like you do! You get to see so many things one can't see from the road or a car.
Your boat photos are really fab, and I feel sad for the sheep as well. I had to laugh when you said if you didn't have John and the two dogs there you might have climbed over to get closer...I know you would! (I would too!).
Interesting photos that relate to each other....bones of a sheep, bones of a boat....neither can be brought back...both going back to the earth.
The reservoir does look so peaceful.
BTW, started my quilting class, picked fabrics that I love....but in class we mostly talked and we ended early, so no actual cutting or sewing yet. Hopefully next week. I can hardly wait to start piecing it together!
Hugs to you,

ejsimmons said...

Such a lovely landscape to go walking in. I've been to Scotland a couple of times, it's such a beautiful place.


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