Thursday, 3 February 2011

What a day!

Sorry to leave you without a new post for a couple of days and today, sadly, is going to be a short post. Intenet connection, phone line and electricity are all very dodgy so I'm posting this quick fast.

The wind was forecast as was the snow, but neither were very severe so it was a bit of a surprise to wake up in the middle of the night (around 5 am) to find that we had no electricity. Crawled out of bed, installed the old phone (for which you only need a socket, but no electrics), phoned the emergency number of Scottish Power and was told there was a BIG problem.

Fortunately we got the supply back during the morning but it went off again in the afternoon and I just hope it will hold out long enough to post this, specially as the phone line also seems to have problems and I keep having to dial up my service provider to keep going. The wind is still gale force, so fingers crossed. I need hardly add that we did the very minumum of dog walking today and the blip, seen above, was taken close to the front door!

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