Saturday, 26 March 2011

Baddingsgill Reservoir

Although it wasn't as warm as earlier this week, the day still offered sunshine so we took the dogs for a walk up near Baddingsgill reservoir. After walking for quite some distance we reached a gate (seen below) and John spotted some ginger hair caught there. That alerted us and we found further evidence of the presence of cattle on the ground. We walked on cautiously but very soon we could see the Highland cattle in the distance.

Time to beat a hasty retreat as we've been there, done that and already know that it's rather difficult to lift a 27 kg greyhound over a fence while fleeing from a bull.

Instead we went back and walked along the top of Baddingsgill reservoir where I admired the stunning reflections in the water. The above picture was one of my favourites but the all-out photographic winner of the day is shown at the top of this blog (and is also my blip for the day).

This is the same boat in the water but with some more boats in the foreground and a view of the entire reservoir. Seen from afar it looks quite small but in reality this is quite a large lake and surrounded with warning signs (deep water, no swimming etc. etc.) as well as rescue buoys. I sometimes think it might be better to just put up signs everywhere saying: "living is dangerous, do you want to continue?" and then we can make our own decisions from there.


Karen Owen said...

Such beautiful countryside! I would so like to see Scotland one day.

arts4all said...

Frieda!! Love your comment about creating a sign about the dangers of living.... it isn't really living if you don't take a few risks ;-0 That said, I understand perfectly why you don't want to tangle with the Highland cattle!


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