Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Captured in Time

I finished taking picture on my disposable camera during the visit to Melrose Abbey described in my last blogpost. Towards the end I got overexcited about all the picture and forgot which ones I had taken with my disposable camera so it was a surprise to find quite a few I hadn't taken using my digital one as well. Here they are for your delectation. Melrose Abbey suited my purposes as it demonstrates so well the theme for my AMLP project which was : Captured in Time.

The pictures you see here are from the disposable camera I received from Brooklyn Art Library to participate in the A Million Little Pictures project (AMLP), see also the relevant button in the side bar. As I rightly surmised when starting to take pictures with it there had been some damage to the camera in transit from the US to Scotland but fortunately it only affected the first few pictures. Jessops to whom I took the camera today managed to salvage most of them and provided me not only with 2 sets of glossy pictures (one set to send back and one set for me) but also plonked them all onto a CD! That saved a whole lot of scanning.

I will upload most of them to my album here in due course! The one thing that I was impressed with was the quality of the lens. Yes, the digital pics are much better but these aren't bad! Having them developed (in an hour!) also reminded me of the past, when you took all those films you'd taken while on holiday to the camera shop, and you couldn't wait to see what they would look like. You were convinced there were some true masterpieces among them but, alas, most of the time the actual prints were a disappointment, overexposed, underexposed, finger and/or hair caught on camera, missing heads or feet etc. etc.

We really are so blessed to live in the digital age and while in Jessops I took the opportunity to look at some finger-lickening great cameras (with prices to match!), but I actually purchased 2 more disposable cameras, because this exercise was excellent practice in making sure you take great pictures by thinking about them a whole lot more, making sure the camera is in the right position first time and only clicking that button when you're fairly confident you're taking a good if not great pic! My digital cameras had definitely made me lazy in that respect.
The photographs are going to tour America in a mobile and there will apparently also be a book available eventually in which there will be at least one picture from every participant. Can't wait to see which one they will choose.


Mary Ann said...

More wonderful pictures....Thank you:)

Terri said...

This must have been a fabulous outing. I love the idea of using the disposable camera, and I am intrigued with the traveling show of everyone's photos. In the US you say? I will have a look out for it.
The photos are wonderful, my favorite being the one in your previous post of the sunlight pouring through the open arch and landing on the soft green grass!


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