Thursday, 14 April 2011

Blippers of the world unite

Today blippers blipped journalists, journalists blipped blippers, blippers blipped each other and we all went blipping mad!

Contrary to what it says on the Blip T-shirts (Blippers do it once a day) today many blippers did it multiple times, in full daylight and in the most public spot imaginable, outside a newspaper office, that of The Scotsman to be precise. Here's a picture on a fellow blipper's Journal where you can spot me in the green coat!
If you're wondering what this was all about here is the condensed version. Andrew Hoyle, a jounalist writing for the Scotland on Sunday newspaper wrote an article last Sunday which started with: "Do you find most people to be generally awful?". A question he himself seems to answer in the affirmative. But what riled us blippers was the unprovoked attack on our very innocent occupation. Mr. Hoyle wrote about us:

" But, above all, the people who drive me up the wall are the gormless goats you see poncing around the city with a camera or two hanging round their middle-class necks. These are "Blippers", deeply annoying individuals who shoot what they think are creative photographs..."

Ever since then we blippers have been taking our revenge by taking pictures of ourselves "poncing" about (here is mine)and it was then decided to ambush Mr. Hoyle outside his office to show him we're no stereo-types. And indeed there was a wonderful mixture of old and young, male and female, professional and amateur photographers. No idea of anyone's class, but all very nice to talk too! To give him his due, Mr. Hoyle took it all in his stride although at times he was a bit overwhelmed by cameras! On the plus side he also received a lovely bunch of flowers.

No goats or gormless individuals were spotted during the event but hang on, let's have a closer look at that portrait of Andrew Hoyle at the top of the blip!!! My blip du jour as it was the best photograph I took. Thought I would stick to my own criteria, even today.

If nothing else, the day took my mind off the sad events from the last blogpost and it was fun meeting lots of other blippers. Let's hope we will have more meetings in future with or without goats!


Andrew Hoyle said...

Nice to meet all you Blippers today. And thanks for the lovely flowers.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

so awesome Mr Hoyle visited and commented. Maybe he is not so bad after all, do you think he article was totally all in good fun? He sounded pretty serious to me!! Anyways, I am so glad you had this good day.what fun! xoxo

Judy said...

:P :P :P

OMG, what a fun post!

La Paix


Georgina said...

What a lark! You look very stylish in green!

Terri said...

Too funny, and sad too that he would say such things about a group of people. Maybe he was just hoping to stir things up and get loads of pictures taken of him! Worked!

Anonymous said...

What you all have to understand is that he was/is asked to write a column called 'misery guts'. It's meant to provoke, generate interest in the paper, be a bit controversial/funny etc. And his was very successful. Look at the other things he has written, even the other groups he pokes fun at in said article. He only chose Blip Photo because a few of the guys in the office are into it. Of course it was all in fun...


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