Monday, 4 April 2011

Blipping the blips

As you can see in the sidebar of this blog as well, I'm still merrily blipping away each and every day on the Blipfoto site. Some days it's easy to find great pictures to blip. Those are the days when I'm on an artist's away day or go for a very long dog walk up in the hills. On other days when nothing much happens, and I'm working away in my studio while the rain comes down by the bucket load outside, I have to think long and hard about what to blip. But so far I have always managed to come up with a blip on each day since I first started on the 30th November last year.

I am also enjoying my daily visits to the Blipfoto site to look at the glorious, beautiful, and fun pictures posted by other blippers, and during one of my visits recently I discovered that the site also has a shop and one of the things you can buy are small versions of your own selected blips. Who could not resist? Not me, I love giving in to temptations! And above is a picture of my blipcards which come in a lovely little box too.

I did resist another temptation from the shop and that was the blip T-shirt, which has as its text: blippers do it once a day. John would have disowned me and refused to walk beside me in the street or anywhere else for that matter. I did tell him that the implied meaning was in fact very flattering as far as he was concerned but even that excellent argument couldn't sway him!

So no T-shirt (YET!).

And I also found out my sketchbook has been borrowed twice more in Portland, ME! Wonderful.


peggy gatto said...

what fun!!!!
thanks for the info!!!

Helen Cowans said...

I might get some cards done too - I too saw the Tshirt and loved it, but thought I would be disowned!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

The blip cards look wonderful, what a great idea! I did not order those, but I did order a T-shirt, oh my!!! It has not arrived yet and we'll see if I wear it in public (I have not told steven I bought it yet!) ; )

Terri said...

This is so fab, blip cards! I think I am going to look into this blip thing you have been doing. I have enjoyed looking at your marvelous photos. I, too, love photography and always hope to spend more time with my camera.


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