Friday, 8 April 2011

Good news all round!

A wonderful day. First of all there was the sunshine in all its glory for the very first time this year and I drove through a sunny landscape to a beautiful quilt show put on by the Castle Quilters in Dunbar. If you haven't been yet today, it's also open tomorrow and is at Bellhaven Fruit Farm, on the second exit of the very first roundabout once you've passed the exit to Haddington on the A1 (coming from Edinburgh). I thought I would mention that it's the second exit as I went around the roundabout twice! But the sign was clearly in view, I was just not paying attention as I was looking for a blip picture to take!

In the end I took it at home as although there are splendid views along the A1 and also the A720 Edinburgh by-pass, there is nowhere to park safely. On arrival home I sat in the garden and read! How wonderful. The blip (seen above) is of one of our windows which is adorned by a flower basket bought as is. It will have to go inside the greenhouse during the nights for the moment, but it adds that certain continental je ne sais quoi to the window.

Then I switched on the computer and finally there is good news re my colour - quilts - collage exhibition (just a shame it did not come earlier so that I could have shared it with everyone I met during the Castle Quilters show). We are going to hang it on Monday 18th!!! Oh yes!!

The official preview will be on the 30th April in order to avoid both Easter and the Royal Wedding (I mean, are they more important??!!) but it will be available to view just as soon as it's hung! I'll keep you posted.

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