Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Flower Collages in Exhibition

Another lovely day at the exhibition, spend chatting to the many visitors that climbed up to the Gallery. I'm really enjoying all this interaction and am making the most of it. It's not often that I am surrounded by so much of my own work or that I get to talk and get feedback from so many people.

After all, making this work takes time and I don't expect to have enough work for another exhibition until 4 or 5 years have passed. So I'm dedicating my days and one evening (Friday 7 - 9 pm, would love it if you popped in!) this week to simply being there and loving it all. Don't be surprised if I'm not here on this blog as often as usually. Life will return to normal by next week. And I must admit my fingers are literally itching to stitch.

Above 2 of the flower collages in the exhibition: Sealand Gem on the left and Iceberg Rose on the right.

P.S. and despite promising Sharon I would mention sizes I still forgot to do so for this post. These collages measure 14.5 x 20"!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

such beautiful collages, Frieda. I am so glad you are enjoying being at your exhibit, surrounded by your fabric art and be able to talk with your admirers. Enjoy!! xo

Sharon W. said...

Thanks Frieda! When I looked at them this morning, I decided they were special atc's. Obviously, my sense of dimensions needs some help, and so your figures were excellent. Love them!

Sue said...

Your quilts are all so beautiful Frieda, I really wish that I lived closer and would be able to visit. I shall have to try to get to one of the autumn shows. Haven't yet got to Harrogate but would like to. Will you let us know where else they will be exhibited please.


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