Saturday, 28 May 2011

It's over!

Today was the last day, or rather, morning that the exhibition was open. At 12.30 the doors were closed for the last time and all that remains is to collect all the work that hasn't been sold, on Monday. On the one hand it's a real relief that the show is now over, many visitors came and also buyers. 6 pieces have been bought and many lovely comments about my work received,and I have enjoyed talking and listening to everyone that came. Having so much feedback on my art produced during the last 5 years has been an invaluable experience.

But on the other hand I'm over the moon to be able to return to my studio despite the fact that it's in total disarray and will take weeks to assume some sort of normality again. No matter, I had a needle in my hand this afternoon and have started a new, large quilt.

So following the picture above I left through that open door and closed it behind me with a contented feeling.

On the way downstairs I glanced through this window (which you can also just spot in the top picture) that I have passed so many times during the last month and a half. It was a fairly changeable day and at this particular moment the rain was coming down by the bucket load but the lovely hills around Peebles could still be seen as well as the copper dome of the War Memorial.

Descending the stairs even further I encountered Peebles' coat of arms as seen above. The Latin text translates roughly as: against the flow we prosper , and it suddenly struck me how appropriate this was regarding the exhibition. Yes, the opening date had to be postponed and it was very hard work but I do indeed feel like I have prospered!

I also couldn't help thinking that it would make an interesting quilt!!! That's the spirit! I might do this all again in 5 years time.

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abby j said...

Congratulations on a successful exhibit AND additional learning! Big sigh of relief...yes?



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