Friday, 13 May 2011

Out and about with Susan

The last few days have passed in a whirlwind of activity as Susan, a fellow quilter, blipper and blogger came to stay. She is visiting the U.K. during a once-in-a-lifetime trip and we met up in Peebles on the 11st. First of all we popped into my exhibition when we were there (I also discovered one of my large quilts has been sold!). Then home to collect John and on to Rosslyn Chapel. Always one of my favourites, not just for the amazing in - and outside of the chapel itself but also for the beauty of its surroundings in Roslin Glen.

Thanks to John's observational powers we even spotted a deer in the undergrowth although not on camera. No matter, the picture above shows how gorgeous it is in Roslin Glen and as you can see even the weather was cooperating with lovely sunshine. Other creatures were easier to picture as they are stone! I love the gargoyles but the one at the top of the blog was my favourite and both Susan and I crept into a fence-off area to capture it.

The next day we went to Edinburgh, did a bus tour through the city, wandered around the Royal Mile, went into St Giles church and climbed up as far as the castle. Seeing the city through the eyes of someone else awakened me anew to the treasures to be found there and once again I resolved to go more often and visit more of them on a regular basis.

And then it was time for Susan to leave already. We left together in two separate cars this morning to that I could guide her to the A1 to take her way down South, but sadly lost her on the roundabout joining the Edinburgh by-pass. I could only go on and it took me ages to turn around and make my way back on the other carriage way. I kept a sharp eye out on the opposite road and spotted her (I'm almost certain it was her!) in her big, black car wearing a turquoise top. And we've now heard from her with the news that she's made it safely to York where she will enjoy some more sight- seeing before making her way to Gatwick and hence to Florida on Monday. So the last picture (shown above) I took on my way back home again for Susan to remember the Pentland Hills by!

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Terri said...

How fab to spend time with friends like this! The glen looks heavenly!
Congratulations on the sale of one of your large quilts!


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