Monday, 13 June 2011

A little mole in the garden

If you're reading both my blipfoto page and this blog you will get this picture twice but I was so excited by seeing my first live mole that I could not resist posting both there as well as here!

John found this confused mole sitting in our compost heap in the chicken run and saved it from being pecked to death by the hens. It seemed to be healthy and unscathed, but a bit disorientated. So he scooped it up, showed it to me for photography purposes and then we took it to a neighbouring field and put it under some plants. He (or she) scuttled away and is now hopefully safely underground.

Look at those nails! No wonder he can dig so many molehills.

1 comment:

Helen Cowans said...

That's SO cute :) Thank goodness you rescued it in time.


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