Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Marie ATCs Published

Marie Antoinette was the order of today as not only did I receive my returns for the Cream Marie ATC Swap (they were super gorgeous!) but the latest issue of the ATCQuarterly Magazine (issue 23) landed in my mailbox too.

Sadly there will only be two more issues of this mag before it ceases to exist but on the positive side a whole spread was dedicated to some of my Marie ATCs. They were all made for various swaps on the Marie Antoinette Swap site and it's great to see them looking so wonderful in the magazine. I wrote the text but the lay-out was entirely done by the magazine and they did a fabulous job!


Terri said...

Congratulations to you!!! You are such an amazing artist, it is no wonder you are always being talked about (in a good way!).
I have two of your ATC's and I LOVE them!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

congratulations, Frieda! What a wonderful article. They did a great job showcasing your love of 'Marie' and ATCs! Very well written and put together. I love how you wrote that making ATCs was the only way you got a break from making your large quilts, made me smile.... the days are zooming by, make hay while the sun shines, right?? ; ^ ) I definitely agree. xo

Helen Cowans said...

Congratulations! Wish I could have come to Stirling :)


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