Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Rouge Spread

I've already mentioned some time ago that I'm participating in the next Sketchbook Project while my previous one is travelling around the US to various venues, and to my surprise is being borrowed by quite a few people. You can see the entire content now here.

The theme I choose for this new one from the list provided is: Monochromatic, but in my case that won't mean a less colourful sketchbook as I'm using a different colour on every spread, some more than once. And I'm also tackling the sketchbook in a slightly different way from the last time, working on all the pages more or less at once, till I feel the spreads are finished. And surprise, surprise, this red one was the first one of which I suddenly thought: it's done!

So here it is, a mixture of cut out red squares, squares coloured in with watercolour pencils, with additional cut out images, vintage postage stamps, fancy red tape and red swirly rub-offs. The last addition was the text in the bottom right hand corner, which reads: streaks of red were mingled there.


Helen Cowans said...

Like it - wish I could wear shoes like that - I would be a descent height!!! :)

Ati. said...

Beautiful pages! Love it :)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I had missed this when you uploaded it Frieda, so I am glad I caught it now. WOW! What a lovely shade(s) of red. And I am glad to have the link again to your 2011 sketchbook project online. I have the page open and will just peruse it soon. i can't remember if mine is digitized yet? must go check. I see your AMLP photo entry is there too, sadly I did not do mine. I waited too late and ran out of time. Just the thing I tell my swap participants NOT to do, ugh! I will definitely check yours out with great interest. thanks for another wonderful post. i love the red spread and your plan for filling the book. : ) lenna


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