Saturday, 16 July 2011

Karen's 4 x 4 and more roses

I rediscovered the 4 x 4 I made for Karen as part of our exchange on a group we're both members of. Started with a hand-dyed background which was stamped with the quotation as shown as well as a collection of little stamps (so-called Tapestry Stamps). The bird was cut out of a Michael Miller fabric and stithed on with gold thread and I then added the layered flowers (Alpha Stamps). After adding beads I finised up zig-zag stitching it to a 4 x 4 watercolour paper background. I wasn't quite sure it was finished and put it away. Somehow a book was put on top and I was about to make her a new one when yesterday I suddenly found it again. Looking at it with fresh eyes I decided it was done after all. Very simply but sometimes that's what's needed in a piece.

This is a detail of the Queen Elizabeth rose (also my blip for today). I was going to blip the garden centre picture below but I made a sort of promise to myself that I would always blip what I think is the most beautiful photograph I took on the day and the above was definitely it, even though the garden centre came a close second due to the gorgeous colour mix.

We visited Dobbies Garden Centre near Dalkeith today to buy some hydrangea (2 for £20) as I had been lusting after photographs of them. We tried planting them here at Macbiehill twice before but lost them during the winter. This time they are going into large pots so that they can be moved into the potting shed when it's freezing. Sadly they didn't have any Clematis Montana in stock at the moment so we will have to pay a return visit one of those days. Never a chore as they also sell craft supplies!

To finish another detail of the Queen Elizabeth rose, this time the one that didn't make it into a blip even though I had a very difficult time deciding which of the two detailed pictures I liked best. Even the rain can't destroy this beauty. St. Swithin's Day did end up wet and today was definitely very wet accompanied by thunderstorms. Sure hope this won't last for the next 40 days!


Jewels said...

I love your 4 x 4 Frieda - did you put anything between the fabric and the water colour paper to "puff" it? Thanks for sharing how you made it (and the roses are awesome too!) J

Lenna Young Andrews said...

a garden center as beautiful as that and they also sell craft supplies?? Somehow that sounds very dangerous for you, Frieda!! I love all the photos in your post, but the one at the bottom speaks to me particularly with the folds of the beautiful rose, the rain drops and the light. It reminds me of this quote I just put in my art journal, which I am positive you posted here originally and I copied, because I love it . . .

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying:
And this same flower that smiles today,
Tomorrow will be dying.
~ Robert Herrick, 1591 – 1674

xo lenna

Karen Owen said...

I adore my page! And you are right - it is finished. I generally tend to like simpler collages, so it's perfect. Very glad you found it so you didn't have to do it again. That garden center looks wonderful.


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