Monday, 18 July 2011

My first Art Journal page

Lenna has long been an inspiration to me and we have been following each other's art journeys for many years now. We did classes together (online as she is in Florida and I'm in Scotland!) and she taught me about stamping while I hope I have shown her how much fun sewing and fabric can be. We did the Sketchbook Project last year and again this year, as well as the Vintage Gluebook class. Lenna herself teaches many great classes online, such as this one.

So when she started an Art Journal and started working in it every day, I paid attention, not just because her spreads were beautiful but also because I had many journals in my studio but sadly they had remained empty so far. I had purchased them to make me start but that hadn't worked and all they were doing were making me feel guilty. However what those journals couldn't do, Lenna achieved by simply showing me the way. So I have started, and with a vengeance. I have one altered book on the go to journal in and 2 Moleskine Sketchbook Journals, one portrait and one landscape orientation.

If you want to start too, have a look here where Lenna gives you some hints and tips to do so! And for further inspiration you can't do better than to look at all the spreads she has produced so far on her blog.

I'm not aiming to journal every day like she is, but I will try and finish at least a spread every week or so and show them here, without much explanation, but simply to demonstrate how I journal and what I end up with. Having the shed to work in is a great help as that way my quilts and my paints don't get to meet up unless I want them to! I started this first spread in the altered book and had painted and sprayed the pages weeks ago when I was painting something else. Then I added my pictures of a red geranium, added the tape, started doodling flowers and then wrote. I found doing it in different stages really worked for me, I like letting things just happen. No idea where the Persevere idea came from, perhaps because I was having a difficult day at the time but it seems to be rather appropriate for the start of my Art Journal journey!

It took a few days before I finally decided this page is most definitely done and showing it here means I won't go back to it again.


Monica said...

i found journaling everyday stressful so i just make travel journals. the concept of preparing pages in advance does not work for me as it is never just what i want. It is so much fun preparing a page I hate to ruin it!

Robin said...

wow love this..!

Joanna said...

Wonderful journal pages, Frieda! Gorgeous colours and great choice of words too. Persevere is always appropriate, especially when trying something new.

Lenna inspired me to take up Art Journalling too, she's a very inspirational kinda gal! I'm doing the Art Journal Every Day thing - I don't complete a page a day, just work on them every day, it might be only for 10 minutes but it ensures I'm always developing my journalling skills (or trying to anyway!).

arts4all said...

Your "Geranium" spread is just beautiful!! Especially like the way you have repeated the flowers, the word 'geranium' and the different fonts/formats for perseverance and not giving up!! Definitely an inspirational page for me ;-0 Thanks!!!

Beth in IL said...

Thanks for posting the phot of your art journal. I try to do a spread a week, although it doesn't often happen. Love the reds!

PaisleyPeacock said...

Beautiful page...the colours are delicious and fresh.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Frieda, I love your colourful spread and I am honored that I inspired you to start not one, but three art journals, whoo hoo! You know, that is a really great idea! I have been working in just one journal at a time, but I very well may embrace that. oh, i think we will always be inspiring each other back and forth ; ^ ) what fun!
You have definitely inspired me with fabric, collage and photography and I thank you for your very kind words. I added a link to this post you wrote, on the bottom of my "I am" journal post so I hope it brings you some more visitors!!
xoxoxo lenna

Terri said...

Fabulous art journal page Frieda! Wow, it looks amazing and fun too. Lenna is really a talented artist.
I am away in England at the moment, but wanted to stop by quick to see how you are and say hello. Hope you are well.

Maggi said...

It's funny you say that this is your first art journal page because I've been viewing some of the pages from your sketchbook as very "art journal-y". lol You're a natural, amazing work Frieda!


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