Friday, 22 July 2011


I have multiple issues with the fact that our life is finite, the time in every day is limited and there is nothing I can do about our allotted timespan. Whatever I want to do in this life will have to be squeezed into whatever time I still have available.

And there are times when this is very difficult. What to read? Should I go for re-reading all the classics or try to keep up to date with new publications? Should I quilt at every opportunity or spend some time playing in my art journals, making ATCs etc? Is it really necessary to upload a blip foto every day and what about this blog? I've started to write Morning Pages ala Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way. That's another half hour gone every day. I also need a lot of time to simply think, otherwise there would be no art at all.

And then there are all the other elements of life. I don't even want to mention such mundane tasks as cooking and cleaning and mostly there is definitely no time for them. Can't say I have any regrets about that! Then there is a husband to keep happy and of course I need (and want!)to spend some time with him. So far I haven't found a solution and it's probably fair to say that I won't, even if I live to be 100! So instead I muddle on, now and again feeling stressed about it all but usually simply doing what I can in the time I have available.

This art journal spread demonstrates my feelings about time. It's been done in my portrait orientated Moleskine sketchbook notebook. The background was painted, sprayed and stencilled + stamped some time ago, using mainly acrylics. The clown images and the face are from Alpha Stamps, the clock comes from a magazine and I've also used quite a few rub-offs in this spread.

So here it is, my take on time! I'll probably be back there quite frequently in my art journals as it's one of the issues that exercises my mind most.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I really like this spread, Frieda and can certainly emphasize. I especially like the way you wrote "There is always too much to do" in a wavy kind of way. It looks great! I love your handwritten bits, but that stands out in a stylized way. I am discovering as well as you are, that art journals are a way to work thoughts out as well as experiment with techniques. I look forward to more pages from you!!
xo lenna

Georgina said...

Great spread, great thoughts! I hope you are enjoying the morning pages! I suppose as we none of us know our allotted span, all that matters is that we do our best, whether we are creating, hoovering, or being with our beloveds!

Sharon W. said...

wonderful spread, Frieda! Your words have given me lots to think about. Ten years ago I did the Cameron morning pages, and that particular journal is one that I reread quite often. I think the daily task of three "required" free writings produced some responses I didn't know were in me! I am now attempting a "rejournal" in which, on a given date, I'll search my old journals to find an entry; then I will photocopy it, paste it in my journal, illustrate it or react to it on this year's day. That Cameron journal is going to be a source of a few entries. Good luck with it!!!


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