Friday, 19 August 2011

Priorwood Garden and Melrose Abbey

An action packed day where my mother and I visited both Dryburgh Abbey and Priorwood Garden. I'm blogging about the latter first as I have to sort out my huge collection of Dryburgh Abbey pictures first before showing them here. Priorwood Garden is a National Trust for Scotland property and consist of a wonderful cottage garden where the plants are specifically grown to be dried as well as a large orchard. We spotted this amazing plant, seen above. Despite much looking around we couldn't discover what it's called (all suggestions gratefully received) so I'll have to study the books. To my disappointment it wasn't among the plants for sale.

This luscious clematis was still in full flower. The garden must have a sort of micro-climate as it's protected on all sides by high walls. It was originally a part of the former precinct of Melrose Abbey.

Priorwood also has a beautiful orchard with mainly apple trees. There is an amazing selection of different ones but this one caught our eye because of it's gorgeous red colour.

The garden also provided wonderful views of Melrose Abbey which is virtually next door. So this was a day filled with history as well as gorgeous plants. I'll blog about our visit to Dryburgh Abbey in the next few days. I took almost 60 photographs as Dryburgh which also had a fabulous graveyard so that provided even more pictures, one of which became my blip for today. You can see it here


Sue Reno said...

The first picture looks very similar to poke weed, a very common wild plant here in Pennsylvania:
The birds spread the seeds; it's toxic to humans at this stage, but the shoots in the spring are considered edible when boiled in several changes of water. I've had it--tastes a bit like asparagus. I once featured it in an art quilt:
One of my favorite weeds!

Terri said...

Gorgeous! You are so lucky to be able to go and see such fascinating places!
I am sorry I have not been visiting as much. Lots going on here.
I hope to visit more soon.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

gosh, this looks like a beautiful abbey and gardens, frieda. And this was only part of your day??? wow!!
enjoy . . . . xo

Doreen said...

My guess at your mystery plant is Phytolacca americana. I do grow this but I haven't tried to propagate it as yet but I'll keep you in mind when I do!



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