Monday, 22 August 2011

Return to Kirkcudbright

I returned with my mother to Kirkcudbright where I also was some weeks ago (see my post here) and I could not resist a last visit to the Glasgow Boys exhibition. It wasn't really my mother's sort of thing but I thoroughly enjoyed my final look at this beautiful exhibition. It will finish at the end of this week.

Kirkcudbright lays peacefully at the Solway Firth and is known as an Artists' Town, as the sign when you've entering the place proudly states. But it's also a centre for water sports as you can see. It has a very pictureque little harbour, now mainly filled with pleasure craft although once upon a time it used to be an active fishing port.

We then visited the house and studio where the artist E.A. Hornel used to live. He was one of the Glasgow Boys and lived in Broughton House, now a National Trust for Scotland property. He established a garden there in the Japanese style as he too was an artist very much inspired by flowers and plants (see my previous post). We were lucky as the sun was shining when we visited.

Many plants were still flowering so I took the opportunity for some more pictures of my favourite subject. I was particularly pleased with the yellow dahlia seen at the top of the blog and this became my blip for today.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I am glad you got to return, Frieda. Your mom's visit is proving to be a busy time filled with delights for the eyes!! xoxo

Terri said...

Oh my! You do go to the best places! I think your photography skills are really growing, these flowers are stunning. Well done!


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