Monday, 24 October 2011

The Artist's Way starts

The Artist's Way class started today at the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh and I discovered that doing a trial run on Sunday doesn't give you a very good idea of how long it takes to get there or get back. Getting there was easy, even on a Monday and there was plenty of parking but getting back took much longer as there was heaps more traffic. But I didn't mind, it gave me time to ruminate about what we talked about in the class. I do much of my best thinking while driving, which is possibly why I enjoy doing it so much.

It was a very autumnal day and I walked along the lane this morning on the lookout for a blip but the stiff breeze didn't make it easy to photograph the beautiful coloured trees, and I must admit this beech looked a lot better in the flesh than it does on the picture (also my blip for today).

I'm so pleased I took that first big step to sign up for the class and now that we have started I'm looking forward to our future meet-ups a lot. All I now have to concentrate on is writing my Morning Pages and taking myself off on an Artist's Date this week. I have the feeling that it will be a graveyard although I must also make a point of taking the bus into Edinburgh to see various exhibitions before they finish. So much to do, so little time to do it in!

The problem is I have almost finished piecing a large quilt top and once I get to that stage in the proceedings all I truely want is to get it done. I suppose I should count myself lucky in at least that respect. I don't need to motivate myself to work, on the contrary I need to motivate myself to take time off!


Georgina said...

I am so glad that you have started the AW - I hope you find it an exciting adventure!

Helen Cowans said...

Glad to hear the course has started. Loving the gravestone images.


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