Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

When we were in Lidl some weeks back I caught sight of these fabulous skulls. As John was with me I decided I couldn't possible behave like a small child and buy one but the call of the skull was strong. So I must admit I made my way back (in quite a panic in case they had all been sold!) and bought one. I then discovered that it could be hung from a hook, you could press a button and the eyeballs would start flashing and bulging and there would be a voice with suitable Halloween curses. What more could anyone want?! It reminded me very much of the Corpse Bride (if you havent' seen this film, go and do so, it's great fun),

So glad I bought one. He (or she) will now take up permanent residence in my studio, hanging from my ceiling as you can see. Didn't manage a picture of the action, as the flashing interfered with my focus as did the fact it started to turn around, but I reckon this is scary enough!!

It's a good thing no-one else walks past this window as I managed to scare myself while feeding the birds and looking back!


fabriquefantastique said...

nice to see your inner child!

Terri said...

Happy Halloween Frieda! I am sorry I have not been around much. Just super busy!
Love your skull! I have one sitting on my mantle.


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