Saturday, 8 October 2011

Melon and Mauve ATCs

The colour theme for the closed Colour Groupies Yahoo Group this month was melon and mauve. We then all became a bit confused about what colour melon was. I first thought yellow but then discovered in a book I'm reading about colour that melon was considered to be a tint of red so that was what I stuck with.

To make the theme clear I decided to write the colour combination on the front of the card this time. The background fabric as well as the melon colour fabric was hand painted. The background was machine quilted before I handstitched the melon fabric on top. I added a small piece of a fabric - paper collage in the right colours on top and beaded around the edges and voice, melon and mauve.

All the cards are more or less identical and they have now all arrived with Lenna, Debby, Caryl and Tristan.

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Gaby Bee said...

This is just smashing!


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