Monday, 28 November 2011

My hands

During my Artist's Way class last Monday we printed our hands onto sheets using poster paint. We were then meant to go home and decorate them. Originally I had planned to print them out onto fabric and then decorate but due to the handbag affair I had lost a day already last week (migraine!) and didn't want to loose more time. So in the end I just used a combination of stamps and markers to decorate my two hands. My left hand (seen above) uses very sparkly markers (although the effect is mostly lost on the scan) while for my right hand I went for Sharpies. There is a heart shaped stamp at the centre of both, coloured in with Promarkers. The left hand also has some very sparkly decorations at the tip of each finger.

Hopefully my class today will be a lot less eventful!!!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

hope you had a great class and I am sure you hung on to your handbag! I like this exercise you did, especially the hearts with flowers in the middle. The other decorations you did remind me of a henna tatoo. It is all and all (despite last week) just wonderful that you are taking this class! I am heading home in a few hours . . . it's been great but I am looking forward to seeing my crew at home. : ) lenna

Leigh said...

How beautiful - such a great idea!

Georgina said...

What pretty hands! Are you finding the morning pages take you deep?


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