Monday, 26 December 2011

My Christmas present

Can you ever have too many cameras? No, not in my opinion. And I was completely over the moon to discover that John had bought me the new digital Polaroid camera (Z340), which not only has the capacity to instantly print out 3 x 4" pictures of whatever you shoot but can also save these images digitally so that you can import them into your computer and do whatever you want to them. That means I can use them as my blip, as I did with the above picture, a very close-up macro shot (yes, the Polaroid has a great zoom facility) of a Saintpaulia plant. But I have also printed it out so that I can start using it immediately in my art journalling. Oh the joy of it! So now I have my compact Lumix, my Canon DSLR and the digital Polaroid. Only thing that remains on the wishlist is a rugsack to carry them all around with me.

And I almost forgot, I also received a bendable tripoid to with the Polaroid! You can bend it around tree branches, fences and the like. I just need to think how I can attach it to gravestones.

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peggy gatto said...

Should I say....
What fun for us too, we get to see them!
Happy new year!!!


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