Wednesday, 7 December 2011

There was once a crow

I know that some people find this very strange but I was so excited when John asked if I was at all interested in having this skeleton of a crow! It was very sad to see this bird which must have met its end in our attic somehow, although probably many years ago, but there is such beauty in it's shape. I've photographed it, will sketch it and will go back and look at it again many times in the future and maybe it will also find it's way into a textile piece one of these days. It became my blip for today too!

John found this in our loft recently when he was installing more insulation around the watertank and pipes. The old part of the cottage dates back to the middle part of the 19th Century and the cottage lay empty and in ruins after the railway line going past outside was discontinued. A roof was put on again in the early 70s when a builder took on the place, built a large extension to the cottage and brought the cottage itself back up to scratch. So the bird probably dates back to around that time.

Finally a very close up detail of the face. This bird skeleton speaks to the same feelings I have regarding graveyards, gravestones and other signs of transience and decay. I have the skull of a sheep displayed in our courtyard but this one needs to dry out a bit further and is in the garage at the moment.

We will have to endure yet another day without electricity tomorrow when more poles are being replaced although with the forecast for high winds, storm force gales and more snow Scottish Power might come to the conclusion tomorrow is maybe not the best day for such work. In any case if I'm not available online that's the reason why!


Terri said...

Oh my! This poor little birdie!
Amazing though, in it's decay, it's textures... I can see why it fascinates you. I look forward to seeing your sketches of it!

I do hope you have power soon! I am sorry I have not been around very much. Just so busy here at home.
Your new blog look is gorgeous! Love those colors!

Helen Cowans said...

Oh that skeleton is lovely :) We have a collection of rabbit bones and a mice skull on the "nature" table in the kitchen. Some people would think that odd, but I know you'd understand!

Hope you get the power back on soon - why can't they replace poles in the summer! We seem to be JUST missing the snow (its at the back of Rothbury and north west) - must be the land rover effect :)!!!

Sue Reno said...

Not at all strange in my opinion, rather wonderful! I'm in the midst of a series of works based on the skulls of local mammals, and am thinking of branching out into birds or reptiles next, so I'm a bit envious...Looking forward to see this inspiration turn up in your work.

arts4all said...

Your crow skeleton is a treasure! There are no doubt lessons in those bones, and definitely a beauty in the stark decay. Odd that in our 'civilized' culture we seal our own bones into fancy casks, never to be seen again.........


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