Friday, 16 December 2011

Winter Wonderland

After yesterday's sunny day it came as a complete shock (no weather warnings had been issued!) to open the curtains this morning and be greeted by around 6 or 7 inches of snow! Secretly I was so pleased! Grabbed the camera and took off along the lane immediately. I worried a bit about the fact that many of the pictures I was about to take would be the same as last year but then thought about the book I'm reading (The Practice of Contemplative Photography, as recommended by a fellow blipper) and remembered that each moment is unique. It has never been before and never will again. That makes each photograph unique in just the same way. Above is my favourite of the day (also my blip), the enormous beech tree in the adjoining field.

I also loved photographing upwards although I was quite careful as this is how I lost my previous camera now almost exactly a year ago. Some snow fell down when I did this last year, hit the camera, which slipped from my grasp and landed in the snow. The damp must have penetrated it and it gave up the ghost. Snow was coming down this year too but I managed to find a position to shoot from but where I was outwith the reach of falling snow.

This tree in the field opposite is leaning over at an almost impossible angle but somehow it's clinging on still and provided me with a good picture and unlike any I took last year as at that time it was still standing proudly upright.

Above a picture of the fence that shows just how much snow came down overnight. It looks likely that I will have to miss tomorrow Christmas Party with the Thistle Quilters so that's a bit disappointing specially as last year's one was cancelled due to the snow then but I must be honest and admit that I'm over the moon to see so much of the white stuff again and with a bit of luck we will once again have a White Christmas! That's party enough as far as I'm concerned.


Willemien de Rooy said...

Dear Frieda,
thank you for your amazing photos and the words that come with them. I totally agree this moment of today is unique and never be the same as any other moment. I showed Piet Hein it too and he loves very much, as I do, the one in the opposite field,that has the eternal beauty like the Japanese drawings have.

fabriquefantastique said...

Here we are in Canada (Ontario) with one of the mildest Nov/Dec yet....I think I am back in England.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

beautiful, Frieda. Thanks for sharing more photos here . . . I came from blipfoto!

theresa martin said...

Wow, what a lot of snow! The pictures are so pretty. Happy Christmas to you Frieda.

Jewels said...

Frieda - I love the concept of every moment being unique when taking photos - I have my favorite spots I tend to take pictures of all the time so totally agree! Glad your camera came to no harm - still snow here though :( J

Linda said...

i don't think there is anything as pretty as winter, snowy photos or paintings. i like snow.

Georgina said...

You are such a lovely positive spirit. I admit with shame to an inner groan at our snow, and I am finding it hard not to project my anxiety about it lasting until the twelfth of never! It is beautiful.


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