Tuesday, 10 January 2012

2. Hinge Journal Quilt

Week 2 of 2012 and time to upload my second Journal Quilt I've made as part of the 52 Journals project, in which I aim to make one Journal Quilt every week this year. You will be able to eventually see all of them by simply clicking on the 52 Journals label displayed at the bottom of each post dedicated to them. In time, when I have made a few more I will also introduce a slide show in the sidebar for you to enjoy.

This second one was inspired by a photograph of a most impressive hinge I found on the door of Kirkurd Church where I was last year as part of my local graveyard visits.

As you can see I took the artistic liberty of turning the hinge around and also added colour as I wished. The background of the JQ is a hand-painted fabric which was free machine quilted and yarns were then couched down vertically, also by machine, one of which had gold thread incorporated. I printed out onto silk a hand-painted paper I made this summer, scanned in and digitally enhanced. The hinge of the photo was used as a template to cut out the exact shape which was then fused to the background and hand stitched down. I added decorative embellishments where the nuts are on the original hinge.

The vintage text reads: "All unapproachable, yet easy of access", which seemed very appropriate for this door inspired piece.

The binding is another hand-dyed fabric which sort of picks up on the colours and the final touch was beading the size 11 seed beads around the binding.


Maggi said...

Wow, I love your inspiration and the interpretation of it is awesome Frieda! Great second week!

Jettygirlx said...

Frieda, I am in awae of your skill and creativity. the hinge quilt is just breathtaking.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

so much eye candy to look at! The JQ is grand, Frieda. I love how you have taken your photograph and used it for inspiration for this piece. And your blog background, header, updated profile & photo of you - wow! I love what you have done. xoxo

Linda said...

just picked up my computer from the shop and had to stop by and see what was new. so much fun catching up. enjoyed it all.


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