Friday, 13 January 2012

2012 Sketchbook Project Cover

My 2012 sketchbook is now on it's way back to the Brooklyn Art Library where in due course it will be available to borrow and it will also go on tour to various venues in the US as well as a venue down in London, date yet to be determined. The London venue will feature all the sketchbooks produced by British artists. I'll let you know once the date has been set but am far from sure if I'll be able to make it there myself. It's still quite a way to go from the Scottish Borders.

This is the sketchbook as it looked when I had finished both front and back covers as well as all the pages in the book. My theme was monochromatic, and every spread within the sketchbook is dedicated to one colour with all its tints, shades and hues, but for the cover I made the choice to incorporate as many colours as I could manage using watercolour pencils. If you want to look at all the spreads again, simply click on the Sketchbook project label at the bottom of this post.

Finally this is the backcover of the sketchbook with the barcode left free as per the requirements of the project. Every time my sketchbook will be borrowed during the tour the barcode will be scanned and I'll receive an e-mail to tell me the book has been seen by someone. Once it has arrived at the Brooklyn Art Library it will also be digitally scanned and you will be able to see it online here, where you can already view the work I did for the A Million Little Pictures project as well as the 2011 Sketchbook Project.

I have already made a start on the latest project which is the Limited Edition Sketchbook, which will only be open to 5000 participants and one piece of art from every artist involved will eventually find it's way into a published book. More about what I'm doing in that sketchbook (my theme is Threads and Surface) in the near future.


Georgina said...

Well done Frieda - I wimped out - I congratulate you wholeheartedly!!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

So beautifully colourful, Frieda. I would love to hold it and page through it. And it's so exciting you have sent it off! Mine has just a bit more to do on the last page and Then I too will turn my attention to the Limited Edition project! : ))

Maggi said...

That is too cool! I think it is so neat that your work will be touring and that people will get a chance to see it up close and in person!


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