Wednesday, 4 January 2012

These Yellow Sands Spread

At least there was slightly less wind today after yesterday's more than 100 miles per hour storm force gusts but it was still a thoroughly miserable, dark, and wild day in which I just could not bring myself to go and investigate the damage done to the ancient beech trees in our neighbouring field. So depressing to see these beautiful trees (some of which can be seen in the banner at the top of this blog) brought down and although I will go and see the full extent of the devastation in the coming days, today was already dismal enough. I didn't want to add to the misery.

So instead I choose a sunny picture to brighten the mood. One of the last spreads done in my 2012 Sketchbook Project which has the theme monochromatic. That project is now closed but a new one has started The Limited Edition Sketchbook Project for which I have signed up, received my sketchbook and have started work. But that's for future posts. This one has to be mailed off by the end of this month and I have completely finished all the spreads so as soon as I have shown them here the sketchbook will be returned to the Brooklyn Art Library.

All the photos featured are my own, and I've also added rubber stamping as well as the watercoloured squares which I've used for all the spreads in this particular sketchbook. The text on the left-hand page reads: Come unto these yellow sands, and believe me, I would if only I could! But around here there is only mud on offer at the moment!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

A beautiful spread Frieda. I sure hope it lifted your spirits a bit after the demise of some of your favorite trees. hugs, lenna

Maggi said...

Today was so chilly, how lovely it is to see these sunny pages! I'm sorry about your trees. :(


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