Thursday, 2 February 2012

Playing catch-up

It's time to catch up here with some of the events of the week as I feel I'm really lagging behind. Somehow that one day without electricity has thrown me off course as far as blogging is concerned. I guess we should be grateful we didn't loose it today as it was very, very cold and frosty and it stayed that way all day, although on the plus side we had blue skies and even sunshine. I wanted to make the most of it so after walking the dogs went back outside for another walk, this time taking only my camera as a companion. And I was rewarded with the sight of these lovely 3 deer grazing away in the peat field. Had I had the dogs with me they would have vanished but they seemed to tolerate my presence and stood still and stared at me for long enough to take some pictures before they slowly made their way back into the forest. That took care of my blip for today! The rest of the day was spend in my studio, really my ideal way to pass the time. And it was about time I did some peaceful stitching.

I had an e-mail from the Brooklyn Art Library some time back to let me know my Sketchbook Project 2012 had been received by them and now they informed me that they have digitilized the entire album (front cover as above). If you want to see all the pages in sequence you can find them here! And my sketchbook 2011 has been borrowed several times too, from the library. It's really wonderful to think that people far away in New York are browsing my sketchbooks!

And finally on Tuesday, when we didn't have electricity I took the opportunity to go on an outing to Aberlady in East Lothian to see the exhibition of the Group XII Textile Artists. The venue was Waterston House,, the headquarters of the Scottish Ornithologists' Club. The gallery was lovely with a huge picture window overlooking the beach and the Forth river. The pieces in the exhibition echoed the environment perfectly. Quite a few of the exhibits had been sold already which was good to see and I caved in and simply had to buy an unframed bird mixed media piece by Moira Dickson. I knew that had I left it I would have regretted it! The exhibition is still on till the 22nd February and open every day from 10 - 4! I highly recommend going.

I visited Aberlady graveyard too afterwards which proved to be very rewarding and I promise pictures in the near future.

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Linda said...

I've been tied up with work issues most this week but now I can catch up. As always stunning photography to see and the quilt block. Photos must be very well done to hold my interest but I look forward to seeing your latest. The use of the pieces you had left over from the other block was creative with beautiful results. Now I must spend some time going over past posts on the West Linton graveyard.


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