Thursday, 8 March 2012

10. Wisdom Mirrored Journal Quilt

I know quite a few new subscribers to this blog have joined so first of all a huge WELCOME. And I'll explain what I'm doing this year in a project called 52 Journals. I'm aiming to make one Journal Quilt every week for 2012. Most of them will be A4 sized although some are 10 x 10. I upload these here and this week we've reached no. 10. This journal quilt is inspired by a leaded window in the Lamington church. I paid a visit to the graveyard (I'm fascinated by old graveyards) a few weeks ago (see the pictures here) but the church itself was also a beautiful building and I loved this leaded window.

As you can see the Journal Quilt is a very literal translation. I used the photograph as the template. The blue and gold fabrics are hand-painted, stamped, stencilled ones while the grey and black are commercial cottons and the silver is lame. Because of the shine it doesn't photograph or scan very well!

The techniques used is raw edge applique.Some of the glass was cracked and I interpreted that with hand stitching. Further embellishment was added with beads, buggles and a button. The vintage text underneath reads: the loveliness of wisdom mirrored

If you want to see the previous nine you can check out the slideshow in the sidebar or alternatively read about them in detail by clicking on the 52 Journals label below this post or at the very bottom of the sidebar.

Here is a view of the 4 windows together; as you can see in a very dilapidated state indeed. Such a shame as these leaded windows are beautiful. And don't they look very much like a quilt?! Just asking to be made in fabric and I've obliged.


Linda said...

This block is truly divine. The colors are perfect and a wonderful inspiration piece.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

: )glad you obliged!

Maggi said...

Gorgeous! And another great inspiration too, I'm with Lenna, glad you obliged! :D


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