Wednesday, 21 March 2012

12. Flash of Time Journal Quilt

I made my previous Journal Quilt in the 52 Journals project on the subject of Flowers. This is the theme for March on the Sketchbook Challenge site. Before I settled on the JQ I actually made for this theme (you can find it here) I hunted around the studio for flower related subjects and discovered I had printed a photograph I took some years ago of an aquilegia, onto voile. Although I didn't use it for the Flower JQ it seemed a shame to leave it untouched so I took it to make the next one with. I started by applying Bondaweb onto the back of the voile and then ironing the picture onto a piece of fabric. As the voile is transparent you can see this fabric behind the flower. I layered this up with wadding (batting in US speak) and free machine embroidered and quilted it, ending up by embellishing the centre with size 11 seed beads.

I then made a background for this picture, using the same fabric as I had used behind the flower, by layering it with wadding and backing fabric and free machine quilted that. The flower piece was machine appliqued to this background and size 11 seed beads were added for embellishment around the edges. I extended the stalk of the flower to the bottom to the quilt as well. The binding was added as well as more beading around that.

Finally I found a shiny piece of pink ribbon, added the vintage text: A transient flash of time and stitched it into position as shown.

The feature fabric I used was Belle Rose from the French Journal Collection by London Portfolio for Michael Miller fabrics. In case you're wondering why I'm so precise about it today, this is in response to a copyright issue which has been discussed on the Quiltart list and elsewhere. I'm always interested in new copyright issues and if you are too, you can read about this particular issue on the Carolina Patchworks blog.

Remember you can find all the Journal Quilts I've made so far this year under the 52 Journals label underneath this post or in the sidebar. So far I'm on track with my undertaking of trying to make one Journal Quilt for every week of 2012. This one is A4 size.


Linda said...

The textural elements of this block is what I most like and the contrast of the different textures. Beautifully done.

Linda said...

This is yet another gorgeous piece Frieda.Way too complicated for me but I do enjoy reading the process from a professional quilter like you.


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