Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Connie's 4 x 4

I'm almost done with the 4 x 4 exchange. Only one more to go after this one. In this project which has taken over a year to complete a group of artists exchange a 4x4" sized page which we can all put together into a book if we so wish. This month I'm making mine for Connie who had set as her theme: Mainly White with one other colour, and she also listed under her list of favourites that she likes vintage children. I must be honest and admit that they're not what rocks my boat but I managed to find a lovely image of one on a collage sheet by Alpha Stamps

The background of this piece was put together on a square piece of Fast2Fuse onto which white fabrics, laces and silks were ironed on and then stitched. As the additional colour I choose aqua to go with the colour in the fabric image. That too was stitched onto the background as well as the text (from a ribbon): Laugh often. After a dental visit today I was not really in the mood for that either!

Another fabric was ironed on to the back of the Fast2Fuse and the edges were first stitched together, then a transparent ribbon was added as well as beading with aqua size 11 seed beads.


Linda said...

Here I am the first to comment-again!? Oh well. Aqua is a favorite of mine so I'm taken with the color. Glad to hear not everyone likes the children images, I don't and don't use them often. All that and it's still a beautiful page for her book. Beautiful!

Linda said...

this is sheer lovliness Frieda-I will SO miss you next round!!


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