Sunday, 18 March 2012

En route to Dawyck

We had another spectacularly sunny day and what better use than to go to the Dawyck Botanical Gardens. When we were on our way there with John driving, I was looking at the gorgeous new lambs in the fields when I spotted in the side mirror how great the clouds were looking in the reflection. So I grabbed my camera and took a quick picture. You can see my turquoise camera too!

We really enjoyed our walk and I particularly fell in love with the sight of this still bare tree against the blue sky with the white cloud formations. I imagined it was in mourning but at the same time looking forward to happier times when its leaves would appear. Not long now!

Apart from the many, varied and beautiful trees in Dawyck I love the flowering rhododendrons.

There were only a few rhododendrons to be seen today that had started to flower but in a few weeks time there will be many more, judging by the many large buds on most of the bushes and I can't wait! They may have a short season but the Rhododendron and Azalea Walk in Dawyck is something not to be missed when they are all at their best, and I'm so looking forward to seeing it in all its glory in the not too distant future and will make sure to share it with you here.

We ended up this perfect day by buying some gorgeous primroses as well as a hellebore!


Jewels said...

Lovely pics Frieda - we are having an unusually warm St Patricks weekend here - in the 70's which really is too early - and has been that way for a few days. I love seeing the dafodills coming up but I sure we don't get a sudden cold spell. Cheers. J

Lenna Young Andrews said...

The rhododendrons were a favorite part of our walks in CT. I have not seen any here in FL yet, just a few azaleas. So nice to view yours from your walk today!


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