Thursday, 12 April 2012

A blip celebration in Newbattle Graveyard

Today was my 500th blip anniversary and the stress of finding a wonderful picture to celebrate was making me feel quite stressed. In the end I decided to return to Newbattle Graveyard where I knew there is a fabulous table grave suitable for this celebration. There is so much of interest to see on this that I'm sure I will discover more during future visits but in the meantime here are some details that caught my attention.

A very frivolous winged soul at the top with lovely hair and wings as well as luxuriant garlands with hanging underneath a green man.

On top of the tablestone, there was once a lot of engraved text most of which is now no longer readable. But according to Monuments and Monumental Inscriptions in Scotland, written by the Rev. Charles Rogers in 1871 what it says is as follows:

Here lys Walter Welsh of Lochquareat, who died the 29th of June, 1705, and Helen Parkinson his spouse, who died the 19th March, 1696, and Josias Welsh their son, who died the 16th October 1695, and Alexander Welsh their son, who died the 11th July 1717.

The reverend Rogers also mentions that this family has a connection with John Knox the Scottish Reformer whose youngest daughter apparently married a John Welsh. I can't help but think that John Knox wouldn't have been very pleased by the very ostentious display on this gravestone which also shows distinctly pagan influences. But perhaps he would agree with the message given by this very severe looking skull on top of the table stone.

A detail from one of the pillars on which a sower can be clearly identified, there is also a reaper but the other 2 figures are a bit more mysterious, one holding both hands in front of his face and the other seeming to eat a round object (apple perhaps?).

And finally another view of a part of this very large ancient graveyard, bathed in sunshine. There is still much more to discover here so there's no doubt I will be back and hopefully a bit less stressed about having to take a fantastic photograph. I'm very far from sure that I managed that today but if you're interested check out my blip today where the tablegrave is shown in black and white rather than colour as shown at the top of this blip


Linda said...

Oh what a beautiful collection of photos in celebration of your 500th Frieda!! I so love the stories and history behind it especially!

Linda said...

The grave table is magnificent! A wealth of art and the photos honor the art/artist very well.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I think you did manage a fantastic photograph for your 5ooth blip, frieda! And this graveyard and table grave are so interesting. I love the little figure carved on the pillar!


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