Saturday, 21 April 2012

My fishies are a'swimming

As you may remember I did a bead workshop with Huib Petersen in the Beadshop in Haddington a few weeks ago. I recently finished the bracelet started there and here it is, photographed on a suitably sealike fabric background.

A better view of what the bracelet in its entirety looks like, with 5 fishes and 2 starfishes as charms at the end. And by the way if you're wondering why you're getting 3 pictures of this bracelet, it's first of all to show you all the gorgeous details but also because I'm practising what I've learned in the book currently reviewed in the sidebar. The photograph at the top of this post is also my blip for today.
And finally a very close-up view of one angel fish and two star fish. Love the look of this bracelet but probably won't wear it all that much as I simply can't bear any dangly bits on my arms when I'm working. In a way what I enjoy most about this beadweaving is solving the puzzle of how it's done. The first fish, done during class, took up most of the day but the next one was already done in less than 2 hours and most of the rest only required an hour or so.

I have 2 more of Huib's kits to work on but at the moment I'm beading a project from a magazine which I'll show you once it's done. I only allow myself an hour's beading a day after I've finished my textile work in the studio so progress is slow but steady.


Linda said...

Frieda your bracelt is stunning!! How I love your beaded fish and starfish!!

friedaquilter said...

Shame's Bits 'n Bobs left the following comment which for some reason Blogger doesn't want to add. Here it is:
"A beautiful bracelet, I love danglies, the more the merrier!"

Linda said...

Beautiful!! the colors sure make a person think of the sea. I especially like the star fish.


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