Monday, 30 April 2012

Thread Tangle Quilt

Thread Tangle (1 M. square)
As promised here are some more pictures of one of the wallhangings in the Travelling On Exhibition. We collected our work last Saturday so both my pieces are back home again, while I contemplate where and to which exhibition I'm going to submit them next.

Thread Tangle originated from a technique I had used many times in my mixed media work such as fabric postcards and Artist Trading Cards. I wanted to see if it would also be effective on a large quilt. My original idea had been to cover the entire surface with threads but it looked so good at this stage that I left well alone and simply added beading around the small squares of left over background fabric. This is in fact a whole-cloth quilt!

Thread Tangle detail


Jenny said...

I love this quilt! May I ask if the threads are couched on or perhaps glued with bondaweb?

I would love to see it in the flesh but as I live in the south of England there is not much chance of that!

I must also say that your blog is probably my favourite patly because you blog often but also because the content is interesting.

Keep it up!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

again and again you amaze me with your talents!!! xoxoxoxox

Julie-Anne McDonald said...

Hello Frieda,

The Thread Tangle quilt is very luxurious looking. It would b e difficult to look at it without touching it I suspect. Perhaps on an earlier post you have described the technique? I an very intrigued by the results. It is always a pleasure to see what you are doing.


Marie Costa said...

This is a fabulous piece. Love those colours, and the fabric peeking through looks so lustrous!

Linda said...

Interesting that it's a whole cloth quilt, would have never guessed. The texture and colors of the fibers makes it an amazing work of art.


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