Saturday, 12 May 2012

Greenbank Church Stained Glass Windows

It was the Scottish Regional Day of the Embroiderers' Guild today and time to catch up with both old and new friends. We were also treated to a lovely talk by Kathleen Laurel Sage on Extrav-Organza which was inspirational as was her work and I deeply fancied one of her jewellery pieces. I also indulged in some retail therapy, concentrating my efforts on yellow fabrics and threads for the series of yellow Journal Quilts I'm having to make over the coming months. For once I was very, very good and didn't buy a single book. I've made a new resolution which is that for every new book I buy I need to let go one from my existing collection. I know I'm going to find this difficult (and I'm going to make sure those let-go books aren't worth a fortune) but things are getting out of control in this house!

However what I most enjoyed was the sight of the fabulous stained glass windows in Greenbank Church. You can read a bit more about them on the church's website (go here and click on history). The one above is dedicated to St. Cecilia (I think!) and was donated to the church by the daughters of Joseph Bennet and Eliza Harper, their parents, who died in the early part of the 20th century. What a way to be remembered after death. So in a way I'm also back to grave monuments!
This is a detail from the saint's face, and isn't she simply lovely? It also became my blip for today.
And here are some details from the other stained glass window that was amazing in its details. This too was donated to the church and features knights and their deeds. Just look at all the details of the garden in the background. Delicious!
And here a dragon is slain, while some menacing personages look on. I think this scene has some connection with the Book of Revelation but I would have to re-read it to make sure. According to the Greenbank Church website this might be one of the windows designed by William Wilson


Linda said...

LOVE the stained glass windows! And I am SO with you Frieda on TRYING to keep from buying more (yes, especially books!!)unless ridding of others. Trying to purge things at home and recently did a journal spread about it too- hoping to keep me going.Must be something about Spring, n'est-ce pas?
PS hope your pups gave you extra lovin for Mother's day!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

These windows are so beautiful Frieda.... I can only imagine what they might inspire you to create, wow. they are really something!

Linda said...

Beautiful-eye candy.


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