Saturday, 5 May 2012

Greywalls Garden

May is here and with it come the garden visits that we love to do when the weather is fine. And although it's quite cold the garden we went to today is in East Lothian where it is always a lot sunnier and warmer than here at Macbiehill.

Greywalls Garden is attached to the hotel of the same name and the garden is attributed to Gertrude Jekyll while the house itself was built by Sir Edwin Lutyens in 1901. The grounds border the Muirfield (private) golf course and has fabulous views over the Firth of Forth which you can just about see on the picture above, also my blip for today.
There are glasshouses with lovely blooms. This geranium has reached the roof.  It is planted into the ground and has become enormous. You tend to forget that they can get this way as mostly we grow them in pots and baskets  and treat them as annuals as it is of course not hardy outside
Of course I could not resist taking a picture of these gigantic orange tulips. It was an appropriate colour for this day  (May 5th) that The Netherlands celebrate Liberation Day (or Bevrijdings Dag (from the 2nd WW), and orange is the national colour.

It's a really idyllic setting with wild flower gardens in which chickens roam free and bees have found a lovely home.

Finally an idea of the layout in the garden. At the very end you can just about discern the viewing circle towards the river Forth which is shown in detail at the top of this post.


Willemien de Rooy said...

A splendid tour around the garden, imagine you walking and admiring and taking these beautiful pictures, they are so cheerfully.

Linda said...

What a great way to spend the day. Especially liked the orange tulips.

Jewels said...

Love the "viewing circle" Frieda - what a lovely garden...

Linda said...

beautiful!! I especially like the photo you took of the walkway at the end.


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