Saturday, 19 May 2012

Loch Lomond Show 2012

I'm sorry I didn't write this blog last night after I returned from our trip to the Loch Lomond Quilt Show but I simply ran out of time. Isn't it surprising how tired you get just being driven around in a bus to visit the various venues of the show? And there was still more to do when I came home. It was a very good show this year and I thoroughly enjoyed the visit, specially as I didn't have to worry about anything. My only contribution was the above Memento Mori A3 sized quilt about which I told you in an earlier post. It's now on its travels as part of the 2nd Scottish Suitcase collection, so it was someone else's responsibility to get it to and from the show. The highlight for me was Helen Cowans exhibit,, although sadly we missed each other by minutes as she was just gone from her exhibit to look at some of the other bits of the show when I arrived at her spot!
I'm always wary of posting other people's work on this blog if I haven't asked them for explicit permission so I refer you to the Loch Lomond site for more pictures, but I couldn't help taking some more photographs of stained glass. The West Kirk has a glorious display of these. Above a very traditional religious image.
And here is a very un-traditional stained glass window but it can also be found in the West Kirk. Yet again this is a grave monument in its own way as the text reads: In memory of Agnes and Campbell Brown. Thy Way is in the Sea and thy path in the great waters. Of course Dumbarton is right by the river Clyde, where many great ships were build in the past!


Linda said...

There is something about stained glass-maybe the way the light shines through it-that makes it irresistible. I was surprised at the more modern window, hadn't thought I would like but so beautiful. Enjoyed Helen's site and art, thank you for referring to her.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

The windows are beautiful, frieda, thank you for sharing them here, and I did check out the Loch Lomond site. I loved the mermaids lament and out of the blue, my goodness! what talent. Speaking of talent, I can't believe it was year ago you had your solo show!!!

Linda said...

I love the delicate beauty of stained glass! Thanks for sharing the link-my favorite is Mermaid's Lament. And, bien sur, I love your quiltie!


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